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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

After the initial Yin Tribe weekly classes commenced in November 2019 - I had the idea to create a very special 'seasonal' workshop open to existing and new Yin Tribers which would be held at the end of every half term and end of holidays. What I now have re-named the 'DOWN DAYS' - the realisation that school was starting the next day, and the final day to hastily complete unfinished schoolwork and find lost uniform {or is that only in my house !}. On this day the anxiety can set in, that feeling at the bottom of your stomach, that everything you had kept on-hold at the end of the last term, was now beginning to raise it's ugly head.

For me, these days were filled with absolute dread ..... but like in the case of normal teenagers - instead of telling someone I was anxious due to anxiety and fear of the impending term, I lashed out and became distant with my family, argumentative, refusing to complete/finish any outstanding work knowing I would suffer the consequences in the morning. Even now my inner teenage self still shudders at the thought of being awake until 3-4am and the churning panic in the pit of my stomach.

These are 'DOWN DAYS', and the most perfect day for our Yin Tribe workshop.

Our first workshop was held the day before the Winter Term started. At the Yin Tribe we are very lucky to have one of my best friends, Chyla Young, the Yin Tribe's Registered Therapist, on board to co-lead the workshop with me. We spent time discussing what we felt the Yin Tribers would need to release their anxiety and fear - and give them tools to quieten the noisy {sometimes negative mind chatter}, whilst relaxing, releasing tension and spending a luxurious afternoon at the beautiful Yoga Studio, Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga, in Cheltenham.


Within the workshop we offered:

- Panayama - learning different breathing exercises - how these can help with anxiety and panic

- Yin - a 10 min - RELAX & RESET practise - a quick bitesize 'at home' sequence - which immediately can restore balance and a sense of well-being

- a gentle guided visualisation - understanding your thoughts & emotions - crystal healing - journaling - how this can help

- - a relaxing yin yoga based class - this was a chakra based practice - positive affirmations - how these can help you through the coming weeks and months

- A Yin Tribe 'goody bag'

It was a fantastic workshop and all the Yin Tribers left feeling relaxed, positive and excited about the coming term.

We were blown away by the wonderful comments and testimonials from Yin Tribers and their parents -

"The HAPPY NEW YOU workshop made me feel happy and relaxed. It allowed me to let go of any tension and look positively to the coming year rather than fearing it. It made me feel calm and I have been more patient to others around me. Thank you !"



Our second workshops took place at the end of the February half-term, this again was full of wonderful Yin Tribers - our Tribe was spreading and we welcomed new Tribe members to this workshop.

All our workshops are completely different to each other, new members are welcome to join at any time, and old tribe members will gain new knowledge with each one.

At this workshop we wanted to not only give the tribers further tools to help with anxiety and feelings of being over-whelmed, but to initiate positive self belief. Things that matter to us and things that don't - how and why we should feel, react and involve this within our lives.

This workshop included:

- A blissful Yin class

- Understanding your positive/negative thoughts & emotions

- Understanding and coping with stress - how this can affect you

- Calming your mind and understanding your ’flight or fight’ mode

- Visualisation meditation - how this can help you - tools and tips to use at home

- Crystal healing

- Positive affirmations

- Yin Tribe 'goody bag'

Again, our Yin Tribers left calm, relaxed, focused and positive about the coming term.

I am delighted to announce that booking has just opened to our third workshop "SUMMER SOULSATION" on Sunday 19th April. Places are strictly limited and open to all. Go to the booking page to reserve a place, this workshop will set out quickly !

We are all born happy babies ...... it's time to re-write the story and let's give future generations of young people the tools and confidence to grow into strong, healthy minded, compassionate adults.

And so we began ..... the rest they say is 'THEIR-story'.



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