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The Yin Tribe, Covid and me !

Our story as told by The_YINTRIBE Founder Suzy Segura...


I came to my mat over 10 years ago. From running a successful Theatre School for over 10 years, whilst maintaining a busy home life, I walked into The Yoga Studio, Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga when my daughter's friends waved at her, whilst waiting for his children yoga class to start. My daughter joined in the lesson and whilst waiting for her I noticed how peaceful and quiet the studio was, the powerful sense of calm and well-being, and being nosey I decided to join in one of the adult lessons. I BECAME HOOKED !!!! Having suffered from horrendous sleep patterns and nightmares, leading to high anxiety, I found that through Yoga my mind became calm and focussed during the class and I always left with a feeling of positively and well-being !


​After practising for another 8 years, a seed began to form in my mind. I felt I needed to expand and take the next step forward in my 'yogi life'. It was like a calling, a vocation, something that deep inside my soul told me to do.

​"High on the air there is a calling Calling deep and wild for thee"

​In 2018 I embarked on a 200HR Yoga Teaching Training Course, with Orange Yoga (OrangeYoga Education)in Cheltenham and successfully graduated In October 2018. The training gave me the confidence to expand and deepen my knowledge, once certified I sat down and thought about what areas I wanted to teach. I knew I didn't want to travel from yoga studio to yoga studio teaching the same classes, but still did not have an idea as to what.


​In April 2019 I enrolled onto the Teen Yoga(Teen Yoga) 100H Course, which was led by the Teen Yoga Foundation's founder Charlotta Martinus, and a spark was ignited. After becoming increasingly concerned over the mental health of young people I realised that I could combine my Teen Yoga knowledge with my Yin Yoga to create a new class which would enable young people to




The word 'tribe' means 'a distinctive or close-knit group' something that is at the top of our ethos at The Yin Tribe, to provide a close-knit group of young people, in a safe, calm and nurturing environment, where they can quieten the monkey chatter in their mind {which is often negative and oppressive} and help them develop the skills to cope with their life-skills in this increasingly busy online technical world.


Yes, it tried to ! ! But we simply moved our classes and workshops online - I expanded the weekly classes - and am now teaching from the comfort of my living room directly to the students in their own homes. My students found that practising at home meant they were in their safe environments and could completely relax and experience the magic of Yin. This has been a powerful tool for the students who have literally had their lives come crashing around them due to the Pandemic. Many students having important exams cancelled and others struggling with home-school and living with family members 24/7 and unable to go out and visit friends. Through our online classes we have been able to address all these aspects.

I am also delighted to announce that I have opened up the classes to parents and guardians who also need grounding, nurturing and de-stressing during these turbulent times.

We now offer

Weekly classes, Soul-Sis workshops and Journal-Yin !!

We have now returned to the beautiful Orangeyoga Studio studio’s for our weekly classes and workshops. I am delighted that this class can be accessed in person and online (something that we would never have done without the pandemic………. At the Yin Tribe we always look for the good in the bad !


Our future is just beginning - as the world changes and adapts so will we -

The rest is just beginning .....

At The Yin Tribe we value each beautiful soul without judgement or criticism, it is all inclusive and accessible to every young person and their families in their hour of need.

"Once you decide to see the joy in life, you health will change, your relationships will change, and you'll discover how truly amazing you are"

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