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Online classes during lockdown


Lockdown 3.0 - Yet again we have been put into a national lockdown - but this time we do not have the balmy summer light evenings,,,, now it's January ! It's cold, wet and colourless.

Usually January is a time for re-growth, intentions and New Year's resolutions ... don't let this January be any different. This time be selfish, give yourself the space and time to be able to nurture your wants and needs. The Yin Tribe will be online throughout this transformational period to offer relaxation, rest and resetting for when we return to the 'outside' world.

We are delighted that the incredible Meg Mortell, founder of MPOWA, will be joining us for our new 'JOURNAL YIN class, which is taking place every Sunday evening from 4-5pm. A blissful hour dedicated to you to add a full stop to each week. Meg will lead the journaling session and prompt you to download those thoughts onto the page and Suzy will be bringing the yin element, to help you relax, rest and reset.

Join the Yin Tribe online during January and February from the comfort of your home.

TUESDAYS 6.30pm - 7.30pm

relaxing Yin Tribe class - suitable for all ages

WEDNESDAYS 7.00pm - 8.00pm

relaxing Yin Tribe class - suitable for all ages

SUNDAYS 4.00pm - 5.00pm

our wonderful JOURNAL YIN class


Come and relax the mind, rest the body and reset a positive mental attitude for the week ahead. PERFECT for reducing ‘lockdown’ anxiety and stress.

The_YINTRIBE hold weekly classes that incorporate YIN YOGA, which is a slow paced style of yoga with asanas that are held for longer periods of time which offers the most amazing benefits for young people who are struggling with lockdown anxiety, depression, low self esteem, exam pressure, school pressure and feel they have lost their spark.

The_YINTRIBE Benefits are endless

here are just a few reasons to come #jointhetribe

- reducing stress and anxiety

- calms and balances mind and body

increases focus and concentration

- allows young people to switch off from the outside world

and pause and reset from the inside

- uplifts and creates positive mindsets


£5 per class/session

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