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Anyone who knows me will know that I am a complete technophobe ! I have this amazing ability to make anything electrical stop working by simply one glance ! So when I told my family that I was going to start recording Podcasts, they looked at me with utter horror !! My daughter's words of encouragement were "Urg ! That's really sad Mum, what if my friends listen". My husband's "I'm not going to edit and produce your ramblings". So I went to my trusted friend and partner in-meme, the legend that is {his words} Matt Nolan, and our first podcast went viral last week ! {link below}

So why ? Why do I think it's important to record and promote podcasts ? Over the last few months {well since I purchased my AirPods - a summer treat for myself} I found myself listening to @deliciouslyella 's podcasts, they were funny, informative with great articles, guests and advice. I started listening to them whilst walking to yoga {obviously}, driving in the car, cooking, waiting at various activity clubs for my daughter, and I thought, I could this!

My husband mentioned to me a book he was reading, regarding creating a positive mind set, as a naturally pessimistic over thinker, I set my self this task to instead of thinking about everything going wrong, i.e. teaching a yoga class that everyone hated, feeling a fraud in knowledge {the new Imposter syndrome}, that I turnaround my natural thoughts and started to think what if everything went great - affirming a positive rather than negative outset.


After a couple of practicing weeks {I won't count the horrific dress shopping trip with my daughter and the two hours we spent shouting at each other through town .... apologies to #warehouse for the meltdown!, and thank you to the shop assistant who helped my tearful crumbling body out of the changing rooms}. I found my mindset beginning to shift. Instead of ''what if my podcast is rubbish and everything thinks I'm a complete idiot' to thinking 'what if my podcast can be informative, insightful, funny and give someone the confidence to do what they really wanted to do'.

Face the Fear and do it anyway ....... WHAT IF YOU LIKE IT ??


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