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Coming up for Air !

2020 has started out with a BANG ! I decided to not only face the fear - but grab it by the hand and tango with it, and believe me the adrenaline is simply life changing !

Since The Yin Tribe launched in Autumn 2019 we have, in our first few months, accomplished many wonderful things. Listed below are a few of the exciting things we have been up to

- Booked to exhibit at the OM Yoga Show London in October 2020 - sooo excited about this ! Our mission at The Yin Tribe is to spread happiness and well-being to young people so that they have the tools and confidence to grow into happy, confident adults ! We want to banish the years of self-doubt, hatred and confusion through the transition between young adult and adulthood {do we ever reach this ?}

- Held our first HAPPY NEW YOU workshop for young people in January { one Tribe member said " The HAPPY NEW YOU workshop made me feel happy and relaxed.  It allowed me to let go of any tension and look positively to the coming year rather than fearing it.  It made me feel calm and I have been more patient to others around me.  Thank you !"

- Booked our second workshop BLOSSOM INTO HAPPINESS and are busily preparing a blissful afternoon on the 23rd February. This workshop will include:

* A blissful Yin class

* Understanding your positive/negative thoughts & emotions

* Understanding and coping with stress - how this can affect you

* Calming your mind and understanding your ’flight or fight’ mode

* Visualisation meditation - how this can help you - tools and tips to use at home

* Crystal healing

* Positive affirmations

- Co-hosted on two radio programme's with BBC Radio Gloucestershire - spreading the word of the fantastic work we do at The Yin Tribe

-We have two YIN TRIBE classes running throughout the week - with gorgeous Yin Tribers {have a look at our wonderful testimonials}

- Writing Affirmations & Mantra's - helping to guide our Tribers - the one below was affirmed to the Tribers at the end of our Kindness class practise in early January

"Somewhere within my soul I find myself. As I close my eyes I am always there looking proudly on throughout my waking hours. When I feel lost, frightened or unloved, I close my eyes and I love myself. I will not allow fear or worry take control. I am always here. Protecting."

- Designing YIN TRIBE merchandise

- Designing our unique YIN TRIBE Mat & Meditation mist - smells devine !

- PODCASTS are in development

- Four playlists on Spotify for everyone to listen to


We are all born happy babies ...... it's time to re-write the story and let's give future generations of young people the tools and confidence to grow into and grow into strong, healthy minded, compassionate adults.

And so we began ..... the rest they say is 'THEIR-story'.



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